Being useless is a choice and while it is a common human logic to have an inflated feeling of self-importance, my sister has long voluntarily taken the path of a bum. It may be fated for the hearing-impaired, at least here, to join the pack of the unemployed after college but they definitely have the option to try. Somehow, I think it is the only way to make the authorities aware of the need to legislate bills that will give them priority over the able. I’m not giving that assurance anytime soon, especially with the retrieval of election funds that’s gonna materialize right after the Presidential Elections. I don’t mind starting on this topic but that’s not the point I’m swerving at. Long introduction short: the pebbles in our lawn are evidently much useful than my sister.

As I put my pouts into words now, she is probably in her bed dozing like Snorlax whose potbelly is more plump than ever. In her dreams, I assume, is her fairly new 50-year old boyfriend affectionately snuggling her– yes, another old bloke from US. Roughly five hours from now, she will rise to tame her stomach that now emits sounds which resemble a frog croaking in screamo. The highlight of her day comes when she turns on the computer to launch Camfrog and have a lovely conversation with William (the boyfriend) from 7 am til 4 pm. Dinner, sleep, breakfast, PC and the routine is fixed on loop again. Everyone’s idealistic notion of exciting, is it not?

Before you pull a grimace at my irate mockeries, if it’s any comfort to your moral sense, our family has tried proposing businesses she can handle alone despite her disability. She was actually pretty cool with everything until we mentioned that the PC she’ll be using at work is exclusively for the purpose of getting her tasks done (read as no 10 hrs/day video call with William). To her, the idea of supporting herself with her self-earned money is petty to the thought of not seeing the man she talks to every single day of her potentially-opportune life. I no longer try to figure out whether she thinks of her future because she obviously does. Her future as a deaf married to a man based in US has been in her mind and all along, her life has been purely dedicated to achieve that end. What a waste of a solid educational background.

Before she turns 23 this June, I wish her daily iterations would encounter a “break;” somewhere. May she finally outgrow her glam American Dream as well.


PS: Now that I shuffle through my entries, they are mostly about her. I promise to stop this series soon.

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